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Weekend Recap

As the saying goes, the weekend always seems to go by way to fast!  It didn't help this weekend was daylight savings so its spring forward and we lost an hour of sleep.

Friday Night: Anne-Stuart and I had a sleepover at Julie's House.  It was much needed to have a relaxing girls night in.  Of course we had to document the sleepover with a selfie stick!

Saturday: The weather was GORGEOUS so Anne-Stuart and I headed to the Art Museum Greenway and forced ourselves to walk across the bridge where you look down and see all of the cars driving on a busy highway (I-440).  We were both being little girls in the sense of scared to do it but we managed!

 Saturday Night: We had game night at Anne-Stuart's house.  We had a good group of people to play almost any game you could think of.  We mostly played the game of things which I have never played before and it was a lot of fun!

Sunday: Another gorgeous day, so Anne-Stuart and I went exploring around the back of her house where a lot of new developments have occurred.  We found ourselves in one of the model homes that had a cute work out room, so of course I had to document the fun. 
 Sunday Night: Mom had the gang over for Sunday night dinner.  Keith, Jamie, Anne-Stuart and I ate till our buttons were going to pop off our pants and then ended the night with a competitive game of Scattergories.