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Pre-Marriage Homework

The Marriage Journey: Preparations and Provisions for Life Together

Keith and I have had our first meeting with our pastor and it went fantastic. We both felt comfortable and as if we were just talking to someone we knew.  We went over the basics, how we met, what we love about one another, our parents and family, where we grew up, and what we are looking forward to most as a married couple.

Part of our first homework assignment was to purchase The Marriage Journey and read together.  The book was written by two Episcopalians and it is a very easy read.  At the end of each chapter you have questions you need to answer together.  We are responsible for reading chapters 1 -3 before our next meeting.

Last night we read chapter 1 and already I am surprised by Keith.  After reading chapter 1 which goes into details how it is a sacrament you are making in front of GOD with GOD.  I think this really hit home to him because he expressed to me he is looking forward to the ceremony and will be talking to his groomsmen as he doesn't want them to be intoxicated during the ceremony.  It is expected everyone to have a few beers while getting ready, but we (Keith & I) are taking this seriously and he wants to make sure his groomsmen are as well. MELT MY HEART!