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Cooper River Bridge Run Weekend

This past weekend was AMAZING! The weather was great and I managed to cram in so much into 3 days!

Friday Night: I drove down to Charleston, SC after work.  Luckily the traffic wasn't too bad however, it rained my whole drive.  I made it down safely around 10pm and immediately crashed as I had to wake up early for the race on Saturday.

Saturday: RACE DAY! The race start time was 8am however, they suggested you arrive by 7am. The morning started off chilly and mom and I just waiting around to start.  Mom loves Starbucks and we found one along the road while we were waiting, so we stopped in and got a coffee latte to warm us up while we waited for the race to start.  The race started in waves and because mom and I are slow runners we were towards the end and didn't start until close to 9am.  The 38th annual cooper bridge run was very well organized with crowd control and having live bands play music along the way to get us excited and pumped up!

After the race, I headed down to Hilton Head Island to visit my great Aunt Barb.  She recently lost her husband and I was only a few hours away so we had lunch at the Sea Pines Country Club and enjoyed each others company.  It was lovely to see her and talk about great memories.  She recently moved into a senior living condo where she can have assistance if she needs it.  The door knob on her place is from their house they lived at for 30+ years on the island.
R.W. Pollard

Saturday Night: I didn't get back to Charleston, SC until close to 8pm and needless to say I was exhausted however, I still had to eat right? Mom, John and I headed to Water's Edge Restaurant at Shem Creek and it was SOOOO GOOOD! We had great conversation, wonderful food and great evening! 

Sunday: We met up with Melea (future mother in law) at church.  She has recently been going to SeaCoast Church and I was excited for my mom and step dad to tag along.  After church we went to brunch together before hitting the road to head back to NC.