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Valentine's Weekend Recap

Valentine's weekend is one for the books.  Valentine's day happens to be one of my good friends and bridesmaid birthday therefore, we had to go out and celebrate and we did!

Friday Night: We celebrated Julie's birthday a day earlier to avoid all the mushy, couple things happening around town.  Julie came to our place after work and we started to pre-game with PINK moscato champagne.  We had a lovely dinner at Jimmy V's and proceeded to drink and take shots as we made our way down Fayeteville street. The birthday girl had a great time and we went hard from 7pm - 3am.

Saturday:  I felt terrible as I haven't been out and drank that much in awhile.  Keith is so sweet and had a surprise to take me to The Peddler Steakhouse however, I was in no shape to go out in public.  He understood as he was going to go out to be a good sport but we had a fantastic day/night in on Valentine's day curled up on the couch watching Father of the Bride.

Sunday: Mom and I headed to Smithfield, NC with the mission to find her MOB dress! We left there and she said YES, to the dress! She is going to look stunning. Afterwards, Keith and I met up with mom and John at Outback to celebrate and to say thanks for letting us stay in Florida with them.