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Snowed In with my BFF

Raleigh isn't a place that gets snow in a given year, so when we do power outages happen, people freak out and go to the grocery store to be prepared to stay in for days.  Well, my gentleman went down to SC to be with his family and I decided why not be snowed in with my best friend.

While, we both have to work from home, the snow sure is pretty to look at.  We are eating well and staying warm! We got roughly around 4 inches of snow and one of the few that still have power.  I am not positive but my area lost power; therefore, I would suspect if I was still at our place I would be without power.

We are staying positive and enjoying our time being snowed in! :)

 Backyard at Anne-Stuart's 
 Front yard at Anne-Stuart's 
 Breakfast of Champions 
 work at home setup - 2 monitors! yahoo!
we measured - 4"