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1st weekend in February

This weekend was the first nice weather weekend this year so of course I wanted to spend all of my time outside! 

Friday Night: After a long week (working almost 60 hours) I wanted to go out and have a few drinks and laughs, so that is exactly what Keith and I did!  We basically did a tour of all the bars in North Hills before calling it quits.  We started out at Ruth Chris, then headed to Yardi House, next Cowfish and last but not least Kings.  We joined a few co-workers out and had a great time! 

Saturday: The sun was shinning and I am towards the end of my #100byVday and really excited about accomplishing my goal.  I started out that morning at the NC Museum of Art greenway trails. 

I have been wanting to go to a coffee shop where they make fun art into your latte.  In a weird way I think it taste better! 

I have been having a hard time selecting the perfect invitations for our wedding and haven't had much luck with the free samples I have received in the mail.  I wanted to check out Cute Buttons in Cary, NC and so glad I did.  I found the perfect invitations and not only are are they budget friendly but also satisfy my vision for what I was looking for! Now, I just have to work on the wording I want to use. 

Saturday Night: Keith and I had a great date night in.  We cooked dinner and watched The Wolf on Wall Street on Netflix.  The movie was extreme and not what I was expecting but now I can say I have seen it and I don't need to see it again! :) 

Anne-Stuart and I made it our mission to shop till we dropped for our friend, Julie. Her birthday is on Valentine's Day and we will be celebrating this upcoming Friday.  She is not hard to shop for but I wasn't finding anything that I thought would be a good present. Of course at the last store, I found a cute Zumba outfit and matching water bottle.  I think she will like her present. During our shopping excursions, we checked out Tasty 8's hotdogs.  I was pleasantly surprised with my choice. I got the coop: sausage all natural chicken apple sausage, cream cheese, cucumber, guacamole, scallions and sesame seeds.