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Weekend Recap

This weekend was a perfect fall weekend in October.  Saturday was ECU homecoming.  The game started at 12, therefore, it made for a LONG day.  We left Raleigh around 8:00am to leave a few hours for some tailgating fun! 

45           24

   Natasha, Me, Anne-Stuart

Sunday morning was a great way to wake up at a decent hour and start my day.  I was able to do a few errands with my PSL in hand and make it to Lake Lynn for a nice run! Lately, I have been finding projects from Pinterest to do and this yard stick with wine corks on it was a perfect easy project to do on Sunday.  I plan to hang our fun engagement cards we have received on it! 

Sunday evening Keith surprised me with back stage passes and tickets to see Darius Rucker.  I am new to listening to country music but Keith loves it! The concert was a BLAST! I can't seem to go to a country concert without crying.  Some of the songs really hit home and causes me to be emotional!  Overall great weekend and lucky to have  such fun friends and fiance in my life!!!