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Weekend Recap

I had a fantastic weekend and the weather was gorgeous.  Keith had to work an event all weekend so we didn't get to see each other that much, but I did my best to have fun without him! :) The weekend always tends to go by WAY faster than a work week!

Friday Night: Date night with Anne-Stuart
We went to Six Plates in Durham and tried so many different delicious menu items. We tried several different cheeses all using goat milk paired with sliced apples and assorted nuts.  Of course, we had to get an order of the truffle fries....OMG sooo good! Lastly, we tried the beef sliders which were great!

We left Raleigh around 10am to make the trip to Greenville!  Of course we had to stop by U.B.E. and buy things that we didn't really need but purchased anyways, then it was off to the tailgate.  We didn't have long to tailgate because we wanted to get in early for the 360 photograph being taken before kickoff.  It was nice to actually be able to watch the band and team before kickoff because I always miss it!

We decided to pick up some stickers of our pirate nation logo to look like Shane Carden! :)

Final score: ECU 70 vs UNC 41

Sunday: Crafts & Beers
Anne-Stuart and I wanted to get our craft on and make bracelets and I love how they turned out.  We also went to BJ's to load up on beers for my upcoming engagement party!!!!