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ECU Home Opener

The first game of the season was away at NCSU but luckily I was able to go since it was in Raleigh.  I haven't been back to ECU in a few years so I was excited to go to the season home opener.  Several of our friends were coming into town to help cheer on the PIRATES!  We won against Gardner-Webb. 

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Happy LDW!

Keith and his mom decided to head to Missouri and spend the weekend with family at the lake house and while I would have loved to be present I knew I couldn't fool anyone all weekend long that I wasn't pregnant.  I do not feel a ton of symptoms but when my stomach hurts, all I want to do is lay down.  I hate I missed it but glad I was able to lounge around, read some of my book, do some self care and catch up on sleep.

I did manage to go to the NCSU home opener in Raleigh against ECU with my bestie Anne-Stuart.  It was a hot one but had fun seeing our football team in person and got me excited for this upcoming season.  While we didn't win, I was glad we could cheer on the PIRATES.

Basom Bomba Beach Weekend

Last year we started the tradition of heading to the beach for a weekend and went to Oak Island, NC.  It was fun but we weren't on the beach so had to drive.  This year we found a great spot on Carolina Beach which was right on the beach. 

Friday: We all took off and headed down to Carolina Beach.  We had a late lunch at Sea Witch Cafe which had a really good crab dip my sister and I loved.  Then we headed to the grocery store to stock up on essentials and decided to leave the boys at the bar while we walked around the grocery store.  Later, we headed to dinner at Deck House which was really good.

Saturday: The weather was bad in the morning but cleared up around 1:30, just in time for us to spend the remainder of the day on the beach.  It was overcast which was nice, because it wasn't too hot and felt good.  We were about a mile from the pier so it was a nice walk on the beach.

Sunday: We didn't want to just pack up and leave so we went to the beach for a few hours before hi…

The moment our lives changed forever....

We started this weekend just like any other weekend.  We had plans to hang out by the pool and go to church on Sunday!

Friday: We got a bucket of balls and enjoyed the driving range for an hour.  It has been so long since I have hit balls and I forgot how bad I am.  It takes way more patience than what I have but Keith is so good its fun to watch and get pointers.  After the range, we went to AppleBee's (Keith's favorite) for dinner.

Saturday: We haven't been home the past few weekends so we were overdue on house chores.  We woke up early and did our chores so we could head to the pool to have some fun in the sun. 

Sunday: I woke up before Keith to take a pregnancy test, and was beyond excited when I found out WE HAD A POSITIVE PREGNANCY TEST!  I thought about waiting to surprise Keith in a fun way but I am terrible at keeping secrets, so I told him right as we were walking into church. Then we went to Layered Croissant (new place in town) and it was soo yummy! We finished of…

Weekend in TN

Keith and I have not been to visit his Aunt Denise and Uncle Mike since they moved to Maryville, TN so we picked a weekend to take the drive and visit.  It is an easy 6 hour drive and the town is super cute! 
Friday: We woke up at 5am and were there by lunch. The weather is just as warm in TN as it is in NC but not as humid.  We went over to their cousins house, Tiger and enjoyed the million dollar views of TN Lake from his million dollar house. 

Saturday: The girls went shopping at a bunch of fun boutiques in town and in Knoxville while the boys worked on things in the garage.  Later, we grilled out burgers and enjoyed each others company. 

Sunday: We had Mike's famous pancakes before making the trip back home.

Weekend at Topsail Beach

We went down to Topsail Beach to see our friend Jill on Friday. While the weather wasn't the best driving down, it was redeemed on Saturday because the weather couldn't have been better.

Friday: We all had to do a few work items in the morning and we hit the road around 11am.  While, we didn't make record time getting there because of the weather we did make good time and just in time to grill out hot dogs and hamburgers.

Saturday: We got ready and headed down to the beach.  We spent all day at the water and it was so nice and fun! After the beach we went to a local bar down the street.

Sunday: We made a nice breakfast and loaded up the car to head home.  Luckily, we didn't hit any beach traffic and got home by 3.

Happy Birthday America!

I love the 4th of July Holiday!  It usually means we get an extra day off at work and summer weather is here! This year, the 4th fell on a Thursday so I took off Friday as well. We all hung out at Anne-Stuart's pool and played games and grilled out.